I keep promising to post the authors of the writing thesauruses that we love so much! They are: Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Check out their books – they are really great at helping with your writing!


Here’s the meme I promised! Can you relate??


We had a really good time at the workshop! There were some great classes that we took and we will pass along what we’ve learned in upcoming episodes!

We were both successful with our pitches and will be submitting our works to various agents – so excited!!

We learned a lot, met some wonderful people (it’s nice to be in a group of kindred spirits), and had a fabulous time!


We just posted episode 8 yesterday (Tuesday) and are very excited! We talked about world building, but this time we got down to some more details. Taylor discussed creating governments and Sherry talked about climate, environment & geography. We recorded from our local coffee shop and enjoyed some wonderful tea and snacks!

Looking forward to our release on 2-29-20 of our first episode of our Myths & Monsters features! We will be discussing banshees & wendigos! Come join us!!


Found this at http://janalynvoigt.com – do some writing today!

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