2020 – Chill Out Already!

Just when I think 2020 might be getting back to normal, more things happen! Double hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, wildfires, violence across the lands … then Chadwick Boseman … it seems more than possible to take! And to try and find the courage, peace and focus to write while all these things areContinue reading “2020 – Chill Out Already!”

Summer Vacation in the Mountains

The pandemic has kept us separated for most of 2020. It’s been hard on everyone, from the essential workers facing the dangers of being there for the rest of us each day, to those of us stuck at home (especially hard on extroverts!) having to find new ways to work to keep income coming in.Continue reading “Summer Vacation in the Mountains”

Writers in Quarantine

I hope everyone is surviving these strange times! We have had to change the way we podcast to keep up social distancing. To that end, we have started using Zoom to record (and now video!) our podcasts! The last two episodes are already up on YouTube! Watch here: Episode 15 – Writer’s Block https://www.buzzsprout.com/Listening toContinue reading “Writers in Quarantine”