Summer Vacation in the Mountains

The pandemic has kept us separated for most of 2020. It’s been hard on everyone, from the essential workers facing the dangers of being there for the rest of us each day, to those of us stuck at home (especially hard on extroverts!) having to find new ways to work to keep income coming in. So, it was wonderful to finally be able to get together in person with my kids and family!

It was a different kind of vacation. Normally, we go to the beaches in Georgia and enjoy dining out at restaurants and visiting bars, shopping in Savannah, and reveling in social functions. This year, we headed to the mountains. We stayed in a house in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Our activities were curtailed to things we could safely enjoy: hiking, playing games together, watching movies together, and cooking our own feasts (and drinking!) together! It was a blissful, wonderful time!

Taylor & I were able to record our podcast from the gorgeous deck overlooking the mountains! We discussed writing scenery – because, how could we not with that view??

Our usual feasts at restaurants and bars were exchanged for home-made feasts and drinks made at the house!

A favorite meal was the seafood boil! Daughter number 3 and her husband made us an absolute FEAST!

It goes to show that you should never take your family for granted. I felt truly blessed to be able to finally hug my kids in person! It was also great to finally podcast with Taylor in person! Zoom podcasting isn’t always the easiest (or the highest quality) way to podcast!

Unfortunately, we are now back to reality! I have court this week (which actually also feels good)! Taylor is back to the lab! But we hope to be able to podcast in person more often now!

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