Writers in Quarantine

I hope everyone is surviving these strange times! We have had to change the way we podcast to keep up social distancing. To that end, we have started using Zoom to record (and now video!) our podcasts! The last two episodes are already up on YouTube!

Watch here: Episode 15 – Writer’s Block https://www.buzzsprout.com/Listening to “Episode 15: Conquering Dead Writer’s Brain – How to Handle Writer’s Block” at 814113/3350716-episode-15-conquering-dead-writer-s-brain-how-to-handle-writer-s-block

Watch here: Mini Episode 5 – Examples of Paragraph Writing – a great tool to fight writer’s block http://Listening to “Mini Episode 5 (Episode 15.5): Examples of Paragraph Writing” at https://www.buzzsprout.com/814113/3386053-mini-episode-5-episode-15-5-examples-of-paragraph-writing

While we both have struggled to write during this quarantine time, we are having a blast doing our podcasting.

Let us know what topics to talk about!

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