Trials & Tribulations

I’m struggling today! My writing space is cluttered, I have “real” work piled up around me and more “hobby” items (I’m a crafter) also towering over me. It’s a headache.

I mean, for real. I have a headache!

Do you ever feel like your space is teeming with … well, junk … and you are too overwhelmed to actually write? I’m there. I’m so there. What would fix it? Um … a new house? One with a craft room for crafts, an office for my “real” work, and an office just for writing! Yeah, not too realistic. Sigh. So what to do??

I’m going to organize. That’s step one. I’ve got to clean off my desk and create a space just for my writing. When I have files that need to be worked, half-finished crafts that are staring at me, I just can’t get into that writing zone. There are too many other things I need to do, and my brain can’t focus.

Once I clean off my space, I’m going to add some comfort. Tea. That’s right: tea. A steaming cup of tea will help my brain relax and get into that groove where I can focus on my writing. It’s freezing outside today – blustery and frigid. A hot cup of tea (the smell, the warmth, the taste) is going to help get my mind centered on writing.

Then, I think I will pull up my pinterest writing boards and scroll through some of my pictures that will help get those creative juices flowing.

Finally, I’ll pull up my notes (both my physical notebook and my computer files) and scroll through my plots and planning ideas. Once my brain is reminded of what I was doing, I’ll reread at least the last chapter I wrote to get my mind back into the voice, tone and feel of my book.

That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it!

Wish me luck!

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